Our history

“Ours is a fourth-generation family business: Franco, Flavia, Fabrizio, Ilaria and Marita, we are cousins, the sons of four brothers, great-grandchildren of Francesco Data, born in 1888.
In the early 1900s, our great-grandfather Francesco started his business as a hot iron forger using a “mule-head” trip hammer, in the “Boita” (as the local workshops were known) next to his home. This was in the small hamlet of Camagna di Rivara, in the countryside of the Canavese, often painted by the artist Pittara.
Francesco’s tenacity was passed down to his son Domenico – our grandfather – and then in turn to his 4 sons.

Our grandfather, Domenico, chose to specialise in sheet metal cold shearing, since there were already many hot forging companies in the Canavese area.”


One of the four heirs, Franco, Domenico’s eldest son, passed away much too soon. In 1982, at just 42 years of age. His sudden and untimely death created a deep void in all our lives.
We decided that we all had to make our contribution to the company, doing the impossible to try to replace him as best we could.
Thanks to the strong synergy with our uncles, we youngsters are doing our best to keep the business running smoothly.
With a whole host of difficulties, of course … but with determination and enthusiasm we will continue along this path, even if we do feel the weight of a great responsibility on our shoulders. That of not undoing what has been built-up over the years, with the hard work of those who preceded us.


Six years ago we also introduced a new laser cutting process that allows us to meet the demands of our customers on prototypes and small series.
We believe that today the great difference lies in the ability to help customers solve the increasingly complex challenges they must face and do everything possible to establish a relationship of mutual trust with them.
Our strategy is very simple: those who work well must be paid for what they do, if they give their all and add value.
And the value they give to you, they must get back, to be able to better themselves.
For us, this is the True Industrial Revolution in this “4.0” world.


Our family has taught us that you must give before you receive.

And if you give, sooner or later you will receive. It is just a matter of time, the law of patience.

So, collaboration between companies becomes essential.

So, learning to create a network of Values becomes essential.


A vision of this kind requires commitment and daily sacrifice and is the working philosophy that we have been pursuing for 4 generations.