How the Laser Beam Makes the Difference

Very recently,LAMIERA 2019 the Trade Fair entirely dedicated to Metal Sheet Processing – was held in Milan:

Cutting, Bending, Welding, Finishing and Components

My cousin Fabrizio and I paid it a visit. To bring our knowledge of the ever-changing world of sheet metal up to date.
Inside the fair I was able to see how the number of laser cutting manufacturers has increased quite considerably in recent times.
What we perceived, is that the new manufacturers, who are mostly Chinese, by buying sources, structures and drives, have been able to produce machines with lower costs but with much higher power, to offer very good performance.
But this is not enough.
Therefore, the tendency of manufacturers is to offer machines with very high consumption to increase cutting thickness and speed.
We saw samples of parts cut with thicknesses between 50 – 60 mm.

Is it really useful to cut such high thicknesses with this type of technology?

A lot of power, as high as the costs to sustain it and the energy impact it involves.
On the other hand, there are manufacturers who, rather than assembling parts from different manufacturers, have concentrated their business on studying and developing their own technologies, thus managing to optimise consumption, emissions and quality.


This is why our Sustainable Choice was to use ENSIS Fibre LASER Technology

ENSIS Fibre LASER Technology

This technology makes it possible to modulate the cutting beam in a specific way, which is different to all other types of fibre cut on the market,
currently making this the most innovative solution
It is able to offer cutting speeds like Fibre with cut surface finishes like CO2.
Listen to the Video Interview that Fabrizio gave to AMADA, you’ll learn why we chose ENSIS Fibre Technology to cut Your parts

Here are the advantages for you:

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Clean Cutting Surface

Limited roughness

Increased range
of Working Thicknesses

Steel 0,5÷25 mm
Stainless steel 0,5÷15 mm
Aluminium 0,5÷12 mm
Brass 0,5÷8 mm
Copper 0,5÷6 mm
Here are some photographs showing the cutting finish on various materials
Detail of Toothing on a part in S355 with 5mm thickness
Detail of WACS Cut (Water Jet Cutting) hole Ø10 on a part in S355 with 15 mm thickness
Detail of sharp edge S235 Steel with 5 mm thickness
Comparison of cutting surfaces of different thicknesses: 6 mm S235; 2 mm AISI 304 Stainless Steel; 8 mm AISI 304 Stainless Steel; 20 mm S235
Detail of drilled surface Ø3.5 and Ø2.5 part in S355 with 6 mm thickness
Cutting Finish with SilkyCut Lens (AMADA LASER device) 8 mm Stainless Steel
Detail of drilled surface Ø6 on a part in S355 with 12 mm thickness
Detail of cutting surface in a Copper part with 3 mm thickness and in a Brass part in 6 mm
Cutting Finish with 15 mm Stainless Steel Standard Cut

Sectors covered

Thanks to this technology we can produce components for various sectors
Farming machinery
Furnishings (See out article)
Manufacture of assembled parts such as Safes

So we can help you if:

You need parts Cut in Steel, Brass, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper and cutting tests with Titanium
You need to build Prototypes to see your project physically take shape
You need to check whether the Thicknesses, Shapes and Materials you have used in your project are responsive and efficient
You need to produce Small and Medium Series
Come and visit us so you can see the details for yourself
For more info please call us +39 0124 47 9118 or email us Send us a drawing or a calculation, of the part you need to make with laser cutting
Ilaria and Fabrizio DATA