When sharing opens up a Parallel World

When sharing opens up a Parallel World

We met Valeria Francescato, Alessia Pagotto and Walter d’Esposito of “Studio Sostanza” during a meeting organised by the CIAA Chambers of Commerce at the “Circolo del Design” in Turin.

Ours was a “Laser” bolt out of the blue.

Yes, the very word LASER immediately put us on the same wavelength because we both have a passion for numerical control technologies and for great attention to detail.
Their design studio specialises in product design, with particular attention to the world of writing, and we have worked together to develop new products.
We are currently involved in an exam project for the Product Design course of the IAAD (Institute of Applied Arts and Design) in Turin, where they are professors. Students will have to make a collection of steel fruit bowls, using laser cutting technology, while thinking of a product that can be assembled by the user, complete with packaging and instructions for use.
But now let’s hand over to Valeria who will tell us about the wonderful things we will be doing together.

“DATA Officine is a family and you can see that by the way they welcome you. We were very impressed by their willingness and desire to experiment a new project with us, one which called for several prototypes with different materials. The project has not finished yet, but in the meantime, we have started a collaboration with them that could also include our IAAD students.


We went to visit the company with our students and we made several laser-cut samples with unusual and interesting effects, which will be used to understand the characteristics that the finished product must have. The challenge was met with enthusiasm: we will see the results during the presentation in February.”


Here some moments of our meeting